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Nataraja Bali Yoga Satsang 2016
August 30th, 2016

Welcoming Nataraja on the island of Gods, on the peaceful slopes of sacred Mount Agung 7 - 16 October 2016


From the mighty Himalayas in Ladakh last year to the sea level of Indonesian island of Gods in Bali this October. Nataraja Yoga Satsang is bringing you practise, wisdom and knowledge of great masters and celebration that will open your mind. Imagine.



Calling for true seekers. Come with us for an another journey to your inner self, torward simple and natural living, positive and higher thinking. Practise your beloved yoga under guidence of world class gurus from various yoga lineages, listen to their teachings deeply rooted in yoga traditions. Celebrate each day and every minute, more conscious, more balanced. Eat and learn how to cook delicious ayurvedic meals that will change your taste and perception of food. Join our adventures to sacred places on the island of Bali. Reconnect with all the elements, but mostly with your inner you. Namaste!


The Nataraja Bali Satsang sets itself apart from other festivals by including and combining both retreats and workshops in its 10-day program. Find time for yourself.


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Peace, love and light
Om Namah Shivaya


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