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Yoga Workshop with Silvia Jaen
September 19th, 2016





Since Silvia still was a young girl, she realized that way to express herself was through her body. She always has keen interest in the grace of gymnasts’ body, how the body elegantly and subtly moved, the kind of calm and freedom. And the world of fashion especially for photos. The bodies are moving and expressing as a form of art.


Many years later, Silvia attended seminar about food, yoga and meditation, without hesitation she went on to study and practice yoga. The first class was Classical Hatha yoga. Almost immediately, Silvia felt immense sense of well-being and peace. She then realized she has found her path.


Every day she practices and teaches and every day is a discovery. Yoga has helped her to grow, soothing the mind and rooting her down. 


Now Silvia runs her own Yoga School in Madrid and one of the teaching faculty for Television Consciente.





  1. The Hip 
    Tuesday 4 October 2016 at 9 AM

  2. Precision in Asana
    Wednesday 5 October 2016 at 9 AM






per class Rp 300,000


both class Rp 500,000










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