It was our privilege to be a part of The Ashtanga Yoga Shala Jakarta.

My girls’ Gisele and Mischa were starting learning yoga at Asthanga Yoga Shala Jakarta about a year ago. They were 5 and 6 years old at that time.

I really sensed that the flow programming and the way of the master teach are perfectly ideal for my girls. The connection and the interaction between master and students are very impressive. Apart from the asana and very well adjustment, they learn many other things such as discipline and confidant.

Gisele, my elder one used to do lots of daydreams, now she’s becoming more alert, aware and focuses towards others. At the other hand she’s becoming strong physically and mentally. In the other case for Mischa (my younger one), she is so passionate to every single yoga pose. She always excited to attend every single class.

At first I got this little doubt about her, learning with Master Nilesh. She cries easily, and many unnecessary fears filled in her heart. And I know it’s not going to be easy. But in fact she loves and enjoys it very much. As the time went on she even like the Master even more. She becomes encouraged, confidant, and more discipline. Her independent behavior changes are significantly seen.

I finally had the opportunity to make a difference and bring the beauty of the life upon my girls without any interfere from me.
Nieken Symour
Ashtanga Yoga Jakarta student